The Dobermann Club Diamond Jubilee Championship Show - 24th May 2008

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The Dobermann Club Diamond Jubilee Championship Show
Digswell, Herts 24th May 2008 Judge Richard Thorpe

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I would like to thank the Dobermann club for inviting me to judge Dogs at their Diamond Jubilee Championship Show and for the lovely gift that I received . The venue and weather were perfect and special thanks to my two very capable stewards. I am pleased to say that from my last judging appointment in 2005, the dogs in general were over all more balanced and a degree of elegance is coming back to the breed. I would have preferred tighter fronts in a lot of the dogs and also feel that heads must be watched to ensure that they do not become too short.

I was delighted to learn I had given my CC winner his third CC and title. My reserve CC winner also has two CC's and I have no doubt that he will soon receive his crown.


Two enteries - both absent

Minor Puppy (4)

1) Tinsley and Cox's Zeloviak Incantation with Sherrebenca - The first time that I have ever judged a Doberman with a tail and was pleased to find that I was still very impressed with the overall picture. Super 9 month old black with correct head shape and ear carriage and really dark eye. Lovely top line and very well balanced body. Good rear angulation, really moved well around the ring. Classy dog and definitely one for the future. I was delighted that he went Best puppy show. 2) Mitchell's Bosskat Illusionist - 6 month old smart black puppy. Still very much a baby, nice head and front. Good rear angulation. 3) Johnson's Ocourts Ouranos

Puppy (4 - 1 absent)

1) Walker and Mason's Zeloviak Invincible - 9 month old Black - litter brother to Minor puppy winner. Another classy puppy, very similar to his brother, good head and tight front. Good reach of neck and sloping topline. Another one to watch for the future. 2) Heald and Love's Birgits Apache Outlaw - 11 month old Black. Very compact with nice head and front, plenty of depth of chest. Moved with drive. 3) Barton and Jerrard-Dinn's Kitado Shadowfox of Jeradobe

Junior Dog (13 -1 absent)

1) Bennett and Smith's Supeta's Ozzy Osbourne - 15 month old Black. Correct head planes and ear carriage. Lovely dark eye. Nice reach of neck and excellent sloping topline. Good depth of chest and tuck up. Well angulated at rear enabling him to move with drive. Very smart overall outline. Handled very well. My RCC winner. 2) Everleys's Manzart Name the Day - 14 month old black. Correct head shape with straight front and tight feet Slightly longer than winner. Moved well. 3) Condon's Enborne's The Real McCoy

Yearling (7 - 1 absent)

1) Skelton and Lattarulo's Estridge Jacinto - Compact brown dog with correct shaped head and ear carriage. Well pronounced front, good reach of neck and sloping topline. Good depth of chest and rear angulation. Moved with drive. 2) Francis Jojavik Entrepeneur - Black dog placed fourth in very strong junior class. Overall a nice dog with good reach of neck and topline. Moved well. 3) Syke's Bosskat Hercules at BobbyJem

Novice (1)

1) Skelton and Lattarulo's Estridge Jacinto - Winner of my Yearling class.

Undergraduate (4)

1) Condon's Enborne's The Real McCoy - Black dog placed third in my junior class. Correct head shape and ear carriage and with nice dark eye. Good reach of neck and sloping topline , plenty of rear angulation. Moved very well around the ring. 2) Barber's Ottias Yu-Gi-Oh - Nice looking black dog. Good depth of chest and tuck up. Rear angulation was fine allowing him to move around the ring with drive. 3) Caffel's Doberway Cherokee

Post Graduate (13 - 1 absent)

1) Young's Trystorme Brigadoon at Malibray - Black dog with a strong head and correct ear carriage. Dark almond shaped eyes with good reach of neck and topline. Strong chest with straight front and tight feet. Good rear angulation and tuck up. 2) 2) Andre's Arbrodin Knight of Legacy - Very nice brown dog with good topline and rear angulation. Moved really well around the ring 3) Wedgbury's Driftlands Fridays Child

Limit (10 - 1 absent)

1) Gabb and Stevens' Jojavik the Gigolo - Black very compact dog with correct wedge shaped head and dark eye. Well pronounced front and tight feet with good depth of chest. Lovely sloping topline. Overall a very balanced dog that moved very well. 2) Milne and Williams' Leibwache Al Capone - Well bodied dog with good front and tight feet. Good reach of neck and sloping topline . Well angulated at rear 3) Evans, Byrne and Butler's Amazon Talk of the Devil

Open (14 - 4 absent)

1) Thornes's Siboveld's Sauron at Rocksands - Black dog with excellent profile, not over done in any way, wedge shaped head with good plains and dark well shaped eyes. Well pronounced front with straight legs, strong pasterns and tight feet. Lovely reach of neck flowing into sloping topline. Excellent rear angulation enabling him to move around the ring with drive. A well balanced and elegant dog shown in hard condition. My CC winner and RBI S. Delighted to hear that this was his third CC giving him his well deserved title. 2) Reid's Swnydwr Supa Cool - Black dog with well pronounced front and lovely reach of neck. Very good topline, moved and handled very well. 3) Andrews and Rickard's Lockstock Knight Star

SATURDAY, 24th MAY 2008

VETERAN BITCH 1st Andre’s IR CH AMAZON LOVE POTION AT ARBRODIN. 10½ year brown moved well for her years. Short back with good angulation. She is a credit for her age.
2nd Elliott’s JAKTAY SCARLETT OHARA AT TUWIN. 7 year old brown bitch in better condition to the 1st bitch but not as well angled. Pleasant expression, could have more underjaw.


1st Rowley’s BOSSKAT IEESHA. 6 month old black bitch, a very promising puppy. Short back with good angles. Elegant with good movement. Pleasing head with good expression.
2nd Mitchell’s BOSSKAT ISADORA. 6 month old black bitch, very similar type to the 1st placed bitch. Not quite as elegant or moved as well as the 1st bitch, another promising puppy.


1st White’s MARTIFERS PAGE THREE GIRL. Black bitch, 11 months of age. Could be shorter in back, topline needs tightening. Would like to see more angles both ends.


1st Wilkes’ LYNFRYDS RASPBERRY BERET. 17 month brown bitch of excellent type. A smooth well angled bitch with a pleasant head and expression. Moved with good reach and correct drive behind. Tight cat feet, correct round bone.
2nd Andrews & Rickard’s DANCING ON DIAMONDS AT ZANNAHK. 15 month old black bitch very good type, but not as smooth at the wither than the 1st bitch making her a little wider in front. Good angulation back and front. Very nice head and expression.


1st Parsons’ OTTIA DORA THE EXPLORER. Lovely black bitch, very smooth from neck through wither to tailset. Very well angled both ends. Moved well, tight cat feet.
2nd Stewart’s EBRILL SMARTIE PANTS. Another lovely bitch, well angled both ends, probably a little better angled in front than 1st bitch but let herself down on the move. Would like a darker eye.


1st Ingram’s JOJAVIK JEZEBEL. 13 month old black bitch. Elegant bitch that could do with more angulation in front. Her topline should be stronger. Pleasant head but could be darker in eye.
2nd Colby’s ADOLFO LADY FIRSTBLUSH. Heavier bitch, lacking elegance. I would like to see more angulation in front.
3rd Wilson & Strzelcsyk’s LEIBWACHE BLACK CHERRY.


1st Williams’ LIVIKEE MOULIN ROUGE. 13 month old brown bitch who was my 3rd place winner in Junior bitch class. She is at top of standard in height. Well angulated with good movement. Pleasant head.
2nd Everley’s MANZART NAUGHTY NORA. 15 month old black bitch of good type but let herself down on the move. Well angulated both ends. Would like her tan markings more clean.


1st Bryant’s ESTRIDGE LEATHER N LACE. Brown bitch 2yrs 8mths old. Well angulated but a little long in loin. Moved very well. She has excellent bone and substance. Lovely head with pleasant expression.
2nd Norman’s DARKMYTH WIZARDS GEM AT CRIADERA. 2yr old brown bitch moved well but not quite as well as the winner of this class. Very similar in type to winner. Good angles, pleasing bitch.


1st Matthews’ HEATHWAEN'S DREAM MACHINE. Smaller brown bitch who moved correctly. Would like to see more bone and angulation both ends. Good topline and tailset but needs to be a little smoother neck into wither.
2nd Mycroft’s SUPETA'S WITCHQUEEN JW. Black bitch whose tan markings could be more defined and clean. She has good length of head but her back skull is a little broad. I would like her smoother through the wither.

OPEN BITCH 1st Banton’s VANHALLEN BLACK VELVET WITH DARKISS. 2½ year old black bitch of excellent type. Elegant with correct angulation. Moved well with free front extension and powerful drive behind. Elongated feminine head. I can only criticise this bitch with her fidgeting, she nearly lost this class because of it. It was not till the end of this class that she got herself together.
2nd Fleming & Henderson’s CH IR CH ARITAUR HIPNOTIQUE. Another excellent type, correct angulation but could be a little smoother neck into wither. Topline strong, tailset correct. Moved well, trained to perfection. Her head not as good as 1st placed bitch.
I would like to thank The Dobermann Club for the opportunity to judge many fine bitches today. The quality of my winners was outstanding and there were many I would be proud to have in my own back yard. Congratulations to my Bitch CC winner for winning BIS and making up her title

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