Dear Members,

I would like to offer a warm and festive welcome to everyone. As chairman of The Dobermann Club (DC), I would like to clarify the situation surrounding the demise of the Dobermann Breed Council and the subsequent actions agreed by your Committee that have taken place over the last few months. We, as a committee, have made the decision to issue the following statement:

The Dobermann Breed Council (DBC) was deregistered by the Kennel Club due to the General Committee's decision that it was no longer quorum (as per statement detailed in the United Kingdom Partnership (UKDP) Facebook page dated 1st August 2014). This information was also uploaded to the DC website.

The UKDP was formed in response to the Kennel Club's reaction to the DBC proposal for a biomarker grant. All four Secretaries of the Clubs remaining within the DBC at the time of the Kennel Club's decision agreed to contact the Kennel Club for advice in the setting up of a working party committee to promote the health of the dobermann, offer education in the way of seminars to encourage future judges and to offer judges lists and criteria to promote said judges. This request was answered by the Kennel Club Breed Show Team who stated 'the four clubs mentioned below can form a working party for the proposal of first time judges'. However the Breed Show Team also outlined that this would not be recognised officially.

This was followed up by contact from the KC Charitable Trust Administrator who stated that the KC were happy to receive an application from the four clubs working together on the health issues relating to the breed. The KCCT Administrator also requested a name that the grant (should if approved) be made payable to.

Under the DC rule 5 'the Powers of the Committee: The management of the club shall be wholly vested in the officers and committee'. A committee decision, which was based on all available information was made that the four clubs should continue to work together under the label UKDP. A statement was issued publically on the 19th August 2014 outlining that all four clubs had formed a working party committee retaining their autonomy within the said party which fully complies with the following: KC regulation C3.a.(12) and DC club rule 5. The Kennel Club outline that no Special General Meetings are requested by the DC but note that the members require to be updated with a communication on the Agenda for the forthcoming 2015 Annual General Meeting.

It should be noted that by mid-September 2014 the above information was made available to all DC members via social media website.

As the working party committee is still in its infancy it is expected that we will encounter anomalies along the way. These will be dealt with in the correct manner by continuing to consult the KC and ratifying the KC's advice at committee meetings. It should be noted that all working party judging criteria and lists were sent to the Kennel Club for approval, we were notified by the Kennel Club that the criteria and judges lists (with amendments) have now been filed into respected clubs appropriate files.

I hope that the above statement provides clarification of any committee decisions regarding deregistration of the DBC and the formation and continuation of the UKDP. I would like to end this correspondence by wishing all members a warm seasons' greetings.

Derek King
Chairman, The Dobermann Club


Following the de-registration of The Dobermann Breed Council we are delighted to inform our membership of the following.

To further the betterment of the Dobermann in Education, Health and Welfare

The Dobermann Club – The Scottish Dobermann Club - The Welsh Dobermann Club and The North Eastern Counties Dobermann Society.

Statement: The four above clubs have formed a working party named the 'UK Dobermann Partnership' with the permission of The Kennel Club.

The Clubs of the working party will retain their autonomy and will operate as per their own Constitution and Rules.

The Clubs will work together and share information on Education, Health and Welfare e.g maintaining joint Judges Criteria and Judges Lists, Judging Seminars and Judging Competence Assessments as per the Kennel Clubs Code of Best Practice and have agreed to adopt the Dobermann Breed Councils Judges Lists.

The funds remaining in the de-registered Breed Council accounts have to be distributed between the member clubs at the time of ceasing to operate, the clubs have agreed to transfer funds to the UK Dobermann Partnership which will be used for the same purpose

The Clubs have agreed to invite the following individuals: Mr Mike Window – Advisor to the partnership and The Kennel Club, point of contact for the DCM Biomarker Project.

Mrs Pauline Hart – Coordinator and first point of contact for the Kennel Club, on Judge's Applications, Judge's Lists, and any other similar matters that may arise.

Neither will have any executive powers and will be signatories for the new Bank Accounts.

Mrs Peggy Dawson – Breed Archivist – Ms Sue Thorn Health Coordinator – Mrs Jean Quigley – Website Manager.

As soon as we have Judging Application forms ready they will be published along with the link to the new website.

Vivienne M Lucas – Hon. Secretary

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