The Doberman Club Open Show
23rd September 2007

Firstly, I would like to thank the committee of this prestigious club for allowing me to judge this show. Also, I would like to say what hard work they have put in to this well run show, past and present committee.


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Veteran Dog (1)
1st Bostock's Remesca Best Kept Secret at Mavson. Black/rust 9½ yr old male, masculine head, dark eye, well arched neck, good front and rear. Moved well for a 9½ yr old.

Minor Puppy Dog (5), Absent (3)
1st Skelton and Lattarulo's Estridge Jacinto. 6½ month oId brown/rust. Filled my eye straight away, beautiful head, good eye shape & colour for brown,.has underjaw & depth of muzzle. Head plans correct, well arched neck, short body, good bone, ample forechest, tightest of feet. Moved with purpose & handled well, one to surely watch out for as he matures.

2nd Bennett & Smith's 7 month old Supeta's Ozzy Osbourne. Same applies to this young black/rust boy. Has the same attributes of the head, body shape & bone. I just preferred the shorter body, but could change places on another day.

3rd Jones & Tilley's Supeta's Iggy Pop.

Puppy Dog (3)
1st Ingram, Northcliff & Lovarini's Jojavik Pickpocket. 10 month old brown/rust boy, liked his head and eye shape, layback of shoulder & upper arm correct. Good straight front & hocks and tightest of feet. Won this class on movement.

2nd Wright's Karamar Urban Chaos. 11 month old brown/rust boy. Nicely put together, head correct, well arched neck, ample forechest correct layback of shoulder & upper arm correct and feet like boxes. I found this dog shorter in body, lost out on movement due to novice handler.

3rd Jojavik Entrepreneur.

Junior Dog (4), Absent (1)
1st Evans Byrne & Butler's Amazon Talk of the Devil. Brown/rust boy, just out of puppy, very striking dog as he walked in the ring. Taller dog than in previous class, but has correct head planes, dark oval eye, with again strong muzzle, correct dentition, well arched neck, good angulation front & rear, down to brisket and good off for bone. Moved with drive. (Reserve Best Dog)

2nd Horton's Morgonbury Abbas Fillius. 15 month old black/rust boy with average head, crested neck, longer in loin than one, good bend of stifle & ample bone. Not the drive of 1.

3rd Patching's Jowendy's Robocop at Maricanchi.

Yearling Dog (4)
1st Wedgebury's Driftlands Fridays Child. 2 year old black/rust boy, good head & muzzle with underjaw, clean over the shoulders, top line held on move, ample bone. A nice shaped dog which moved with adequate drive.

2ndd Gaffey's Amazon Dark Surrender. Dog of good bone, found the body slightly longer, ample forechest, upper arm correct, good layback of shoulder and clean. Held topline on move, not quite the drive, could do with losing a few pounds.

3rd Evans Driftlands Mr Bojangles.

Novice Dog
1st Ingram, Northcliff & Lovarini's Jojavik Pickpocket.

2nd Patching's Jowendy's Robocop at Maricanchi. Black/rust boy,13 months old, good head, eyes and depth of muzzle. Lacks underjaw. Longer cast than 1 and lacked drive. Ample forechest and bone.

3rd Francis' Jojavik Entrepreneur.

Undergraduate Dog (2)
1st Evans, Byrne and Butler's Amazon Talk of the Devil.

2nd Evans' Driftlands Mr Bojangles. 2 year old black and rust boy, average head, correct dentition, well arched neck, level topline, ample bone, brisket well down and moved ok.

Post Graduate Dog (2)
1st Wedgebury's Driftlands Friday's Child.

2nd Caffel's Doberway Chocktaw. 3 year old black/rust boy, head pleasing, well arched neck, good front and rear, ample bone and handled to perfection.

Limit Dog (4), Absent (2)
1st Lucas' Jowendy's Take Five with Vivluc. 3 year old boy, striking head, eye shape with full dentition, deep nuzzle and underjaw straight front, ample forechest, correct upper arm, good layback of shoulder both are of same length and moved with purpose.

2nd Wood's Tavey's Easy Rider. This 3 year old boy fits the standard, has level head planes, a good shape to the eyes and depth of muzzle with underjaw. Short coupled, hocks parallel, held topline on the move.

Open Dog (7), Absent (4)
1st Mycroft's Supeta's Wicked Wizard at Sonakint. Black/rust 2½ year old male, I loved his attitude, very up-standing dog, good head, with the darkest of eyes, long crested neck, enough forechest, excellent bone, level topline, excellent angles front and rear. Movement had drive and purpose.

2nd Andrew's and Richard's Lockstock Knight Star. Everything has been said about this boy, he still shows like the star he is. Not on his best form today but he had just recovered from an operation, he has excellent wedge head, with the darkest of eyes, full dentition and underjaw, good body shape with ample bone and forechest, good length of upper arm and lay back of shoulders. In fit condition considering his operation and he moved well, but not as well as I have known him to move.

3rd Gallagher's Marcavie the Gambler.

Veteran Bitch - No Entries

Minor Puppy Bitch (9), Absent (1)
1st Andrew's and Richard's Dancing on Diamonds at Zannahk. Black/rust 8 month old, she filled my eye completely as she walked in. Beautiful headed girl, with the darkest of correct shaped eyes. So much depth of muzzle and under jawwhich was pleasing, crested neck with loads of front, well off for bone and so short in body, well arched feet. She demanded the ring; I could go on all day about her, BPIS.

2nd Eversley's Manzart Naughty Nora. Black/rust 7 month baby, I liked her head and the dark eyes, good front and rear. She is a feminine bitch with attitude.

3rd Supeta's Missy Elliott.

Puppy Bitch (4), Absent (1)
1st Ingram's Jojavik Gangsters Moll. Very pretty brown/rust baby. Nicely put together, wedge shaped head, good shaped eyes, has length of neck, ample forechest, arched feet and good rear.

2nd Battershell's Davway Splendour. 10 month old baby different, slightly taller with an average head, crested neck and good topline. A bit raw at the moment, but moved well.

3rd Pearson's Miendy Destiny.

Junior Bitch (9), Absent (3)
1st Eaglestone's Jowendys Flirtation. 13 month old with a nice head and underjaw, nice dark shaped eyes, good length of neck, ample front and bone, straight front and rear. Moved with drive.

2nd Lewis' Jowendy's Love for sale. Litter sister to , again head wedged, ample forechest, well arched neck, level topline held on move, wasn't as positive on move.

3rd Evans' and Irving's Amazon Sweet Home Alabama.

Yearling Bitch (6), Absent (2)
1st Wall's Amazon Sweetest Feelings for Jarjarjinx. 13 month old black/rust bitch, nice shaped head, darkest of eyes. Well arched neck in to layback of shoulder, loads of front, bone, held topline on move. Cracking girl and was well handled.

2nd Bostock's Mavson Plum Lazy. 19 month old black/rust. I liked her head, good eye shape, correct dentition, well off for bone and substance. Held topline on move, straight front and straight hocks.

3rd Lewis' Jowendy'S Love for Sale.

Novice Bitch (8)
1st Wall's Amazon Sweetest Feelings for Jarjarjinx.

2nd Eaglestone's Jowendy's Flirtation.

3rd Jones' Supeta's Missy Elliot.

Undergraduate Bitch( 5), Absent (2)
1st Norman's Darkmyth Wizards Gem at Criadera. Brown/rust 20 month old bitch, I liked her head and eyeshape, good length of neck and level topline. Loads of forechest, straight front, well arched feet, brisket well let down. Moved with purpose and drive.

2nd Wall's Amazon Sweetest Feelings for Jarjarjinx.

3rd Caffel's Doberway Chickasaw.

Post Graduate Bitch (4)
1st Setchfield's Marcavie Cal Neva. 2 year old black/rust girl, very pretty with lovely wedge head, darkest of eyes, has depth of muzzle and underjaw, well arched neck, ample forechest, short coupled, brisket, Well done, a lovely feminine bitch that moved in unison with her handler.

2nd Evans' Amazon Devil Wears Prada. 13 month black/rust girl, different shape to 1, has good head and darkest of eyes, length of neck correct, upper arm and layback of shoulder, well off for bone. Moved well with purpose.

3rd Boncey's Ourouse Promises.

Limit Bitch (6), Absent (1)
1st Bryant's Estridge Leather and Lace, Brown/rust 2 year old long admired. This girl has a lovely head and eyes, again depth of muzzle and underjaw, crested neck, loads of forechest and correct upper arm, correct layback of shoulders and so well off for bone. Elegant but with substance, good bend of stifle, moved with good drive.

2nd Ingram's Jojavik Wurlitzer. 3 year old brown/rust girl, head good, had forechest, length of neck, level topline, good bone, arched feet straight front and rear. Unlucky to meet 1 but moved with purpose.

3rd Walls Jarjarjinx Little Miss Congeniality.

Open Bitch (6), Absent (4)
1st Elliott's Helmlake by Design for Tuwin. This 3 year old black/rust girl walked in like she owned the ring, pleasing head, darkest of eyes, muzzled and underjaw, well crested neck, layback of shoulder and upper arm, correct bite. This bitch is so square with straight front and behind, I loved everything about her and have admired her for a long time now. She demanded the ring and moved positive with reach and drive BIS.

2nd Evans' and Thompson's CH. Amazon She Will Be Loved JW. Black/rust, 2½ year old bitch. Again, a different shape to one. Substantial plenty of bone, correct head and bite, nice eye shape, well down on brisket, loads of front and rear, just did not move with so much purpose and drive as 1, but still a quality bitch, deservedly a champion.


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