Veteran Dog 2 ( 1ab )
1st Road Sweeper Trigger at Cockneyoka

Minor Puppy Dog 4
1st Aritaur Inglorious at Jagelka
2nd Supeta's Will Eye Am Tuffenuff
3rd Shalissa's Love Monster
4th Kodam Glittering Prize

Puppy Dog 2
1st Shalissa's Love Monster
2nd Kodam Unfinished Symphony

Junior Dog 5
1st Amazon Da Vinci JW
2nd Newfords Fahrenheit
3rd Sant Kreal Certero of Satinea (Imp Rus)
4th Newford Freak Like Me
5th Otago Athos

Yearling Dog 1
1st Amazon Russian Roulette with Philmont JW

Novice Dog 2
1st Supeta's Will Eye Am Tuffenuff
2nd Kodam Glittering Prize

Undergraduate Dog 1
1st Otago Sorcerers Magic

Post Graduate Dog 3
1st Monarkle Mad Bad Jack at Shalissa JW
2nd Jarjarjinx True Grit
3rd Jojavik Paper Gangsta

Limit Dog 4
1st Cockneyoka Highlander JW
2nd Doberway Chito Achaffa JW ShCM
3rd Ottia Captain Barbossa
4th Newfords Fame Monster JW

Open Dog 6 (2ab)
1st Grafmax Louis Armstrong ShCM
2nd Aritaur Cardinal Red at Jodaseen ShCM
3rd Cockneyoka Josey Wells
4th Supeta's Tayler's Dezign at Zuffenhausen ShCM

Grafmax Louis Armstrong ShCM

Aritaur Cardinal Red at Jodaseen ShCM

Aritaur Inglorious at Jagelka

Veteran Bitch 6 ( 1ab )
1st Cosajora Nina Simone at Grafmax
2nd Doberway Chickasaw
3rd Supeta's C'est La Vie for Kaistart
4th Philmont Miss-Teeq
5th Amazon Sweetest Feelings for Jarjarjinx

Minor Puppy Bitch 3 ( 1ab )
1st Shalissa Tii Amo
2nd Cockneyoka Moondance Rebel

Puppy Bitch 5 ( 1ab )
1st Newfords Caught in the Act at Martifers
2nd Mianna's Cracklin Rose at Luftez
3rd Kodam The Power of Love
4th Cockneyoka Moondance Rebel

Junior Bitch 7 ( 1ab )
1st Amazon Faberge with Sealandair
2nd Otago Simply Magic
3rd Izralight Sugababe
4th Proud Danish Favorite Fleur (Imp DK)
5th Remesca's Vida Loca JW

Yearling Bitch 6 ( 2ab )
1st Supeta's Janis Joplin with Zuffenhausen
2nd Grafmax Ninette de Valois
3rd Izralight Sugababe
4th Jojavik Coco Blush

Novice Bitch 5 ( 2ab )
1st Newfords Caught in the Act at Martifers
2nd Shalissa Tii Amo
3rd Eichenhain's My Sharona

Undergraduate Bitch 3
1st Amazon Faberge with Sealandair
2nd Grafmax Ninette de Valois
3rd Newfords Caught in the Act at Martifers

Post Graduate Bitch 5 ( 3ab )
1st Jarjarjinx Pokerface
2nd Jojavik Wizadora

Limit Bitch 10 ( 2ab )
1st Jojavik Molly Mobster JW ShCM
2nd Amazon Bad Romance
3rd Chocktaws Chip to Doberway JW
4th Ruzuna Blazing Amazing JW
5th Ottia Lady Gaga

Open Bitch 5 ( 1ab )
1st Otago Pina Fria
2nd Ashlain Kazaviti JW ShCM
3rd Supeta's Feels Like Heaven at Zuffenhausen JW ShCM
4th Farah Vom Gebrannten Walde at Essenbar (Imp Fr)

Amazon Faberge with Sealandair

Jojavik Molly Mobster JW ShCM

Newfords Caught in the Act at Martifers

Grafmax Louis Armstrong ShCM

Amazon Faberge with Sealandair

Aritaur Inglorious at Jagelka

Newfords Caught in the Act at Martifers

Road Sweeper Trigger at Cockneyoka

Judge : Mr Mike Vines

Many, many thanks to the society for the invitation to judge this event, a chance to meet old and new friends, also to see the Dobermann Club's fantastic private venue. Club house outstanding, very long marquee to judge under which was appropriate as we had showers in the afternoon. What a delight. If only other clubs would tackle the problem of expensive venues like this I'm sure life would be a lot easier for our sport. All dogs of superb temperament, clean and well presented. I'm sure some of my decisions didn't go to well, but none showed any signs of discourse. My main winners were typical of the breed, well presented and absolutely sound, I made a point of telling the show manager that I didn't even have to wash my hands before leaving, enough said. Both my stewards were totally correct and impeccable throughout the day.

1ST Robertson's Road Sweeper Trigger at Cockneyoka. 8 1/2 year old in prime condition, strong well balanced head, darkest of eye to match his black and rust marking. Excellent bone all through. Still has the finest top line held at all times. Front and rear angles good. Sound in all directions.

1st Ward's Aritaur Inglorious at Jagelka. 6 month old brown of outstanding quality, clean well cut head piece, eye shape and colour good, moderate stop, tight lips perfect scissor bite, ears very active. He had the length of neck which gave him a touch of elegance. Top line firm. Very good length of shoulder at the correct angle. Good feet, part of very straight fore legs with elbows well tucked in. Underline good. Well rounded croup, rear angles good part of which were long bones, very well muscled, good ground covering side gait, sound coming and going. BPD. BPIS. 2nd Pieter's Supeta's Will Eye Am Tuffenuff. At 6 months, leggy but even proportions, needs to firm up all through as one would expect, clear eye. Very good reach of neck, very sound with long stride.

1st Nelmes' Shalissa's Lover Monster. 8 month old brown which took time to settle, good for type, needs attention on presentation. Very well made for one so young, head needs to develop, good stop, level planes, good ear set, eye shape good. Has the reach of neck I like. Excellent front, all angles good. Stands a little cow hocked at the moment, but I'm sure with work will firm up. 2nd Wager's Kodam Unfinished Symphony. 7 month black and rust needs to settle but shows promise and has a lot to offer, clean head, top and underlines good, ok for bone, lovely feet, a little erratic on the move.

1st Evans, Thompson & Butler's Amazon Da Vinci JW. At 13 months brown shows signs of maturing early, a stunning example, so masculine and so well presented, training is so important and this exhibit has the mark of excellence. Strong head, flat skull, moderate stop, well shaped eyes with good colour, square muzzle, good scissor bite, from neck onwards so well balanced in all areas, including bone. Shoulders and upper arm at the correct angle, width, height and length very good. Went from standing to full side gait in a matter of feet, smooth far reaching side gait, one of the best of the day. Gave him a very long look for best but went for the more mature exhibit. I feel he's destined for greatness.

2nd Riches' Newfords Fahrenheit. Another at 13 months black and rust, much lighter in frame than one, but well put together with excellent very even proportions, keen expression, good reach of neck, well defined wither, another with good fore hand. Top and under lines good. Powerful hind quarters, sound but erratic at times, so easy to adjust.

Caldicott's Amazon Russian Roulette with Philmont JW. Just over a year old, black and rust, very tidy but needs to settle, couldn't make out who needs to adjust. A very well proportioned youngster, good head, good clear eyes, dark and well set. Very good length of neck into level well muscled top line. High tail set, width and height correct. Shoulders well angled, elbows well tucked in. Under line good with good depth of chest. Had good rear which to be honest didn't come into play on the move. Needs another gear and a little more motivation from handler.

1st Pieter's Supeta's Will Eye Am Tuffenuff

2nd Andrews' Kodam Glittering Prize. Black and rust, 7 months, good parentage but just didn't look the part. Nice enough head piece but overall lacked size and substance.

1st Hopkinson's Otago Socerers Magic. 12 month old brown, head piece let down by narrow muzzle, this apart had good eye, shape and colour, very confident expression, had a number of quality proportions in particular I found his high with and well muscled top line a credit. Under line good, moderate tuck for a male. Front and rear assembly good but didn't use them to best effect, as he was laid back on the move. Really does need some attention here. Even so very sound.

1st Webb's Monarkle Mad Jack At Shalissa JW. 2 ½ year old strong male not quite in his prime as I feel another year will see him peak. Lovely head, clear eye, so confident, stop moderate, flat skull nice width between the ears. Lower jaw strong with tight lips. Good length of neck, shoulder of good length and angle. Upper arm a little short and straight. Good feet, very well coupled and would fit the square box. Even though he was so well made, behind he failed to use it to best advantage, did a good side gait but needs to straighten up both away and coming. Promising though. 2nd Wall and Bolton's Jarjarjinx True Grit. At just over 2 years a black and rust, very similar to one but toed in stacking and coming, pity really as in profile he looks a winner.

1st Robertson's Cockneyoka Highlander JW. 2year old black and rust, this class was a mixed bag the winner being exemplary. Med sized very well balanced type, young male handles well at all times, very elegant, strong expression yet not hard. Very good head piece, all planes good, eyes clear and well set. Had moderate reach of neck with well developed wither. All this complimented by a good firm top line. Front angles possibly the best on the day 90% hard to find I'm sorry to say, good chest proportions depth and width. Ok for bone. Well made rear assembly, used to best effect, had drive and balance on the move, coupled with a light handed handler.

2nd Caffel & Kavanagh's Doberway Chito Achaffa JW ShCM. In the same mode as one did impress, elegant even proportions, good head piece and ample bone without being too heavy. Did so well on side gait but went astray coming and going, really does need to be kept straight at this level of competition.

1st Thorn's Grafmax Louis Armstrong ShCM. 4 year old black and rust, one I've seen before, never fails to impress. An elegant example of the breed, so well presented and as steady as they come all this counted towards the final outcome. Bone and even proportions, profile outstanding, excellent head piece, clearest of eyes of excellent shape and colour. Ear set good, super length of neck into high wither, gently sloping top line, high tail set, front assembly very well balanced, i.e. shoulders, upper arm, width of chest all impressive, good feet, straight fore legs. Underline good with moderate tuck. Well muscled rear assembly with bones of good length. Moved with smooth accurate side gait, away and back good, all on a slack lead. A must if you want the top spot under me. A delight to go over. An outstanding BD. Best in Show

2nd Sanderson's Aritaur Cardinal Red at Jodaseen ShCM. Pushing 3 years and a fine example of an almost mature male, class brown carrying type even proportions, superb profile and so well collected, handling hard to beat. Classic head piece, strong without being course. Vibrant expression, stacked he was so confident and demanded attention. Has all the attributed of one but slightly different in type. Sound, graceful on the move, showing the forward reach so many fail to manage. Loved him. RBD, pushed hard for RBIS.

1st Thorn's Cosajora Nina Simone at Grafmax. A 9 ½ year old black and rust presented in outstanding condition not an ounce of fat on her, still has lots to like about her, firstly her head is her fortune, so well put together, confident expression, clear eyes, good teeth. Good reach of neck into well defined wither, firmest of top lines, all angles good. Coat just starting to fade. So sound on the move, has it all side gait of good pace, very straight coming and going.

2nd Caffel's Doberway Chickasaw. About 7 years old, still has a way to go before entry in the OAP's list. Good head piece, very confident when stacked, so feminine in all areas. Has good front and excellent chest proportions, has also a soundness as good as any youngster.

1st Web's Shalissa Tii Amo. 6 ½ month old brown, has all the ingredients to progress, well presented, on her toes from start to finish, quite square and of good bone. Very good head piece balanced with clear eyes, moderate stop and ears well set. Good reach of neck as were most puppies today. Top line firm with a gentle slope from wither, good long bone on front and rear, my notes suggest soundness but I'll go a step more and say good side gait, ok away but the best of day coming. How's that!

2nd Robertson's Cockneyoka Moondance Rebel. 6 ½ months, black and rust. A little bit more of her than one but by no means course but a tad longer in top line. Even proportions, very confident when stacked and did well on the move. Early days but showed promise.

1st Sharp's Newfords Caught InThe Act At Martifers. Just short of a year old, lovely well balanced both in head and body. Good strong bone, has a very confident expression coupled with a good ring presence but this could be why when on the move she lacks pace, lazy in other words, what a pity, so much to offer. Work on it.

2nd Murray & Goodall's Mianna's Cracklin Rose at Luftez. Black and rust about 9 months of age, firstly one of the few girls with a superb front, has the depth and width to match. My notes say flat skull, moderate stop, coupled with keen expression, good reach of neck, high wither, firm slightly sloping top line, so eye catching when in profile. All bones of good length, would love to see her at a later date.

1st Wright's Amazon Faberge with Sealandair. 15 months, ultra feminine youngster, caught my eye for her superb profile which included one of the best fronts of the day, very lady like both stacked and on the move. Trained to perfection, allowing approach and no fuss inspection, (that's what I like). Fab head, eye shape and very dark eye colour, head planes good has a slight arch to good length of neck which moves into a most level of top lines, long bones fore and aft, tidy feet, very good under line with slight tuck, this combination produced well balanced movement in all areas, helped of course by expert handling (novices please note). This girl jumped into best bitch with ease but I must admit the limit bitch pushed hard. BB R.B.I.S.

2nd Hopkinson's Otago Simply Magic. Another classic example, a very high standard in this class making it difficult to assess, must be the best class of the day, Magic has balance both in head and body, stacked to perfection with good long bones, excellent profile. Top class coat which can be said for many of the exhibits on show day. On the move she matched the winner stride for stride.

1st Burnett, Hall & Mycroft's Supeta's Janis Joplin with Zuffenhausen JW ShCM. 22 month black and rust, proof I think that the bitches have the edge today, this girl at just under 2 years old is pleasing in all areas. Very well placed head, clear dark eyes, well set, ears active, found her so alert even with heavy baiting which most were engaged in. Good neck into high wither, her top line was level with a hint of slope. Good bone, especially fore hand, shoulders and upper arm, and fore legs. Rear angles just moderate turn of stifle, on the move she presented a pretty picture and finished sound in all areas. Gave her a second look at the best in class cut.

2nd Godfrey & Thorn's Grafmax Ninette de Valois. Nearly 2 years old and still needs to settle, got better as the class progressed, clean cut head, dark eye, neck and shoulder good. I found all bones of good length, elbows well tucked in, good chest proportions, on the move the side gait was very good, coming and going sound, finished better than I expected.

NOVICE BITCH 1st Newfords Caught in the Act at Martifers
2nd Shalissa Tii Amo

1st Wright's Amazon Faberge with Sealandair
2nd Godfrey & Thorn's Grafmax Ninnette de Valois

1ST Wall's Jarjarjinx Pokerface. 2 year old on form and another flying the flag for the girls, balanced throughout, both head and body very feminine, with soft expression and darkest of eye, black and rust colours do score so highly with eye colour. The dogs give the best expressions which does seem unfair but there you go. Strong top line, high tail set, has the height, length and width putting her well in the box section. Very good feet was underlined in my notes. Produced an even pace in all directions, well done.

2nd Bradley's Jojavik Wizadora. A brown 2 year old, found her a little over weight which was a pity, the only one on the day but still fit I would imagine. Still a very well boned girl, strong expression, standing very confident, a very good head piece, good length of neck, top line good which carried well both stacked and on the move, long bones in shoulders and rear, gave her a long reach on the move which could have given her the class but for her weight, see you again.

1st Ingram's Jojavik Molly Mobster JW ShCM. 2 year old. I found her outstanding and putting up a challenge for the top spot but lost out to the inform youngster, but on another day who knows?? Elegant well balanced, so well presented looked easy but I know good handling and training is always the way. Balanced head, scissor bite, eye shape and colour, ear set, good spring of rib, one of the few that had the movement. Good front, long bones, that is shoulders, upper arm, fore hand (legs) with very tidy feet, elbows well above chest level, under line good, rear angles powerful with again long bones, hocks firm. Outstanding side gait, good coming and going, I hope this critique hasn't out classed my best bitch, but always say it as it is. RBB Beautiful.

2nd Snell's Amazon Bad Romance. Nearly 3 years old and most of what was said for one could be said for Romance, just felt she lacked the drive on the move, could change I'm sure as movement is also in the hands of the handler, loved her profile and presentation.

OPEN BITCH 1st Hopkinson's Otago Pina Fria. 3 years old, black and rust, always in the corner of my eye, I felt another day she would come through but be advised this bitch was, is and always will be top flight. Balanced throughout, so well presented, stacked to perfection and so sound. Head piece has all the trimmings, planes level, good scissor bite, clear almond eyes, so confident in expression, good ear set. Neck of good length, nice slope to top line which was of good length, front assembly correct, fore legs straight, good feet, I found her rear very good with firm hocks. On the move I felt she could have done better from trot to full gait, was not as smooth as I would like. Motivation could be the answer.

2nd Lainchbury's Ashlain Kazaviti JW ShCM. At 3 ½ years in her prime and looking the part, another which could be in the cut on another day, feminine in all areas, soft expression as most of the girls were today. A little improvement in reach of neck would be acceptable, but top line was superb. Ultra sound with a touch of class thrown in, smooth from standing to full gait, and straight up and down. Nice.

My grateful thanks to all concerned for making this appointment such a pleasant experience, the exhibits were a credit to you all and a delight to me.
Mike Vines

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